Customer satisfaction our first priority, quality our best asset.

At Kompisys, we help you define the direction of your organization. Perceiving things that are not immediately apparent allows us to delight our customers.

Why Us, Why now?

Kompisys was born from a desire to build, integrate and compete in open markets. Our Founding team is native in English, French, Swedish and Spanish capable of delivering full stack, integrated solutions across Web, Mobile and Desktop with global perspective. We can take your team new places or optimze your systems in the places they already are.

Software Solutions

We do it all: Our talented experts will take your application from concept to production.

Dev Ops

Get your development and deployment process automated and focus on what matters.

Mobile Development

Custom Native Mobile Applications that fit your business and your customer needs.

Development Training

Let us come to you and we'll train your team on the latest development technologies.

Our Team

Meet part of the group behind the satisfaction that we provide to our current customers and that you're about to offer to yourself today.

Marcus Berggren
Juan Elosegui
Claude Joasil
Tom Bhermann

Our Recent Work

Below are the most recent projects we've worked on.

PwC Tax Controversy
Web Site

Font End: React, Bootstrap
Back End: .net Core Web Api/ MS SQL server

PwC Tax Controversy
Mobile App

Front End: React Native, Android Java, Objective C

Best Medical Plan
Web site

Font End: Angular 8 Material
Back End: .net Core Web Api/ MS SQL server

BaP Connects
Web Site and App

Font End: Angular 7, Bootstrap
Back End: .net Core Web Api/ MS SQL server

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